META is a compiler writing toolchain optimized for speed and reliability. It is easy to pick up and extremely flexible.



A multi-language, statically typed, syntax extensible programming language built for speed and customizability.

About Me

I'm a self-taught software engineer from Germany who loves traveling. I'm cycling around the world through over 30 countries at the moment.

I occasionally dip my toes into stuff that i dont't know yet. I know a decent amount of programming languages both object-oriented and functional as well as a good amount of x86 Assembly (i don't know how that happened either) 😆

I've done a few projects, mostly web-focused or compilers/languages and have most definetely spent too much time in front of a computer...

I also enjoy learning languages.

  • Ich spreche Deutsch (meine Muttersprache)
  • I'm fluent in English
  • Je peux parler le français
  • 我说稍微中文
  • Я говорю немного по-русски
  • Yo hablo un poco de español
  • saya ingin berbicara bahasa indonesia
  • Programming languages I know

    Python Go C++ C x86-64 NASM Syntax Lisp Racket Lua PHP Ruby TypeScript META Gyro Bash